Female Fertility

Our team of vets and specialist nurses will work with you to help plan breeding strategies and look at herd health in a complete animal health focused look at breeding services.

What we offer:

On farm bovine embryo collection and transfer

All practical work undertaken by vets with specialisms in bovine breeding
Donors flushed to a tailor made programme
Embryos transferred fresh or frozen to our fully licensed store with no release fees
Fully transparent pricing
Export level standards
Complete breeding package offered including herd health expertise

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Click Embryo transfer – recipient management for a fact sheet

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Infertility and repeat breeder investigation and treatment

Transfer embryos into repeat breeder cows to reduce culling rates for cows failing to conceive
All transfers done on farm by our veterinary team from natural or synchronised heats
PLUS – repeat breeder investigation and dye testing

Use dye testing to diagnose blocked or narrowed oviducts that could be preventing pregnancy. Our team of vets can treat the condition during the dye testing procedure
Click Repeat breeder and dye (oviduct patency) testing for a fact sheet

Genomic profiling through CLARIFIDE