RAFT has a long history of delivering bespoke training for the industry.  We deliver training for farmers and vets through our sector-leading brands ‘FarmSkills’ and ‘VetSkills’ and we specifically design and deliver training for the needs of Agri-Food companies, Government agencies or educational institutions.

“RAFT Solutions was able to tailor their training material perfectly to our requirements and delivered the material in an engaging combination of classroom and farm visit settings, leaving the team with a clear framework of actions and tools to build upon. 

We would highly recommend RAFT to any organization looking to push their agenda further in the space of dairy sustainability, and look forward to working with RAFT in the future.” Gabriela Tschanz, PepsiCo

Action Johne’s

RAFT manages the Action Johne’s programme on behalf of Dairy UK.  Co-ordinating milk processors with farmers and their vets to improve Johne’s disease control in the UK.


BVD Control Scheme and BVDFree England

In 2010, RAFT started a pilot BVD control scheme in Nidderdale, thanks to funding from RDPE managed by LANTRA in Yorkshire and Humberside.  This programme was extended into the Coquet Valley through LANTRA North East and Alnorthumbria in 2011, and working with AHDB helped secure a national BVD programme with RDPE funding in 2012.

RAFT Solutions and XLVets Training Services managed the national delivery of the BVDFree England campaign, organising BVD workshops and seminars across the industry and involving 127 vet practices up and down the country, as well as producer and processor groups, including Kite, Arla and Asda.


GENomic management Tools to Optimize Resilience and Efficiency (GenTORE)

RAFT are currently the UK lead of a European H2020 project aiming to develop innovative genome-enabled selection and management tools to empower farmers to optimise cattle 

resilience and efficiency in different changing environments.  RAFT are involved in both the research and knowledge exchange on commercial farms to enable GenTORE to make a contribution to addressing the challenges facing farming in a changing and volatile world.


NOAH Animal Medicines Best Practice

RAFT has recently designed and delivered a KE programme covering responsible use of antimicrobials in livestock (cattle, sheep and pigs) to support prevention of antimicrobial resistance across the industry.

AHDB Pork Real Welfare Scheme

National training of vets in the new welfare outcomes for the Red Tractor scheme.


Arla Sustainable Food

With XLVets, RAFT delivered training for groups of Arla Farmers across the UK using Environmental Mastitis as a route to reducing impact of dairy production on the environment.

Farm Health Planning (FHP)

On behalf of rural development programmes, training in FHP delivered to farmers across England.

Ireland Herd Health and Welfare Programme Launch

RAFT were asked to support launch and lead design of herd health consultancy and farmer training materials for launch of national programme in October 2016

AHDB Pork Water Quality and Quantity Project

Desk based research leading to development of a report and knowledge exchange programme including webinars for pig industry on how best to test, maintain and clean waterlines, as well as highlighting considerations when using water as a delivery method for medication. 


 AHDB Mycotoxin contamination: assessment of risk in livestock systems

Together with Fera Science, Queens University Belfast and Harper Adams University, RAFT delivered a desk based risk assessment of mycotoxin contamination in livestock systems.  RAFT have since included the findings within knowledge exchange to farmers.