When conducting clinical research and field trials, we understand you need to know that the work will be carried out accurately, efficiently, on time and to budget.

We have the experience, staff and facilities to run trials to GCP standards in both porcine and bovine sectors. The scope of our team has been recently increased to include additional laboratory skills and logistical/administrative support.

We have a formal network of phenotype farms for trial work and sampling across the country in the beef, dairy and pig sectors, working progressive livestock farmers who have been involved in clinical field trials and research programmes for many years and have developed facilities and team structures to support trial work.

We have active partnerships with a number of academic and industry institutions such as Innogen, Edinburgh, the University of Glasgow, the University of Nottingham, University of Newcastle, Fera Science Ltd and Cranfield University, who provide us with formal epidemiological and statistical support in addition to our nationwide network within XLVets.

Previous experience has included clinical field trials on bovine and porcine viral vaccines, a study for ISPAH on BHV-1, work on intra-mammary antibiotic tubes and research with sheep foot bath solutions.

We can work independently or in partnership with you to provide sound results and a full evaluation of the research programme. This can be translated into training, journal reporting and speaking engagements or developed further as you need.

Please call our team in the RAFT office for further information, or email us office@raftsolutions.co.uk