Precision Livestock Farming in Practice – A new event in the annual calendar.  

The first Precision Livestock Farming in Practice Conference will be held in November 2021 in York and will focus on the exciting technologies, systems and understanding that are driving sustainable livestock production across the World. Workshops, training sessions and practical farm visits will accompany presentations and discussion from international leaders in the field of precision livestock farming. 

This two-day conference, being organised by RAFT Solutions, has already drawn an impressive list of speakers including Dr Nic Friggens from INRAE, Professor Stephen LeBlanc from the University of Guelph, Professor Andrew Bradley from QMMS and University of Nottingham and Dr Ruth Clements from Benchmark Animal Health, all of whom will bring their vision and expertise to the exciting opportunities in precision livestock farming both in development and in-practice on farm today. They will be joined by experts across livestock species, academic researchers and those at the sharp end of commercial practice.

PLF is emerging rapidly in livestock food production systems around the world. As we have embraced ‘Fitbits’ to monitor walking and ‘Strava’ to compare cycling performance, so accelerometers, in-line milk monitoring  and 3d imaging have become accessible to our farms. Using tractors without GPS to manage crops now seems out of touch – livestock is catching up. PLF is an opportunity for veterinary practice but it is critical that vets understand what a leading role looks like in the modern farm team and we adapt to how new technologies are changing the way our farmers are managing their herds.

The conference will be held at the York Biotech Campus, east of York, an inspirational science venue, with easy access for UK and international delegates, providing an insight into cutting edge technologies at the centre and with excellent conference facilities.

The target audience for this hybrid conference includes vets, progressive livestock farmers and industry stakeholders. In addition to the overarching vision, the title deliberately includes ‘in Practice’ because the conference will specifically focus on the practical applications of PLF and will include farm tours, site visits to initiatives at the York Bio-tech campus, CPD training for vets, and an inspirational conference dinner at the National Railway Museum sitting among some of the greatest engineering innovations of their time.

With constant reference to delivering to the wider sustainability agenda, the conference will seek to challenge our understanding and stretch the PLF in practice vision.



Please Note: Delegate numbers are limited. To express an interest and reserve your place please email your details to

(Please ensure that you specify which section of the conference you are interested in attending.)