Use OPU/IVF to rapidly grow your herd’s genetics

In vitro fertilisation is the process of creating embryos from unfertilised egg cells called oocytes.  In ovum pick-up oocytes are gently aspirated from follicles on the ovary by a fine needle guided by and ultrasound scanner probe placed in the vagina. Recovered oocytes are matured and fertilised in the laboratory, followed by further maturation and culture resulting in viable embryos which can be transferred fresh into recipient cows or frozen for later use.

What are the advantages of the IVF procedure?

A larger number of offspring can be generated in a shorter time frame than using conventional methods.

  • OPU collections are performed fortnightly using lower doses of FSH over a shorter period of time than conventional ET
  • Oocytes can be collected from both juvenile heifers and pregnant donors during the first trimester
  • The technique can be used on animals with a range of reproductive disorders
  • Less semen used per fertilisation so multiple donors can be fertilised with a single straw – our SemenRate analysis service can pre-screen semen prior to use
  • Wide range of bulls can be used due to frequency of collection

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