Institute for Sustainable Health and Welfare

“To promote, develop and deliver Sustainable livestock Health and Welfare through Food Security, Environmental Management, Animal Health & Welfare and One Health”

InSHAW is the Institute for Sustainable Health and Welfare of Harper-Keele Veterinary School.

The mission of InSHAW is to promote and develop sustainable livestock health and welfare, food security, and the central role of veterinary practitioners in delivering these goals.  To achieve this mission, InSHAW is working towards an interdisciplinary approach involving:

  1. Agriculture and veterinary EDUCATION
  2. Primary and applied RESEARCH
  3. INFLUENCING IMPACT on future food and farming industries

Harper-Keele Veterinary School and InSHAW provide an opportunity to blend a strong pedigree in animal health and allied veterinary professions at Harper Adams University with a world leading reputation in life sciences, medicine at Keele University and applied research and development at RAFT Solutions.

Combined excellence is key in the delivery of the goals within the themes described below.