Practical, farm-based training, delivered by vets and industry experts to improve your livestock performance

All our trainers are LANTRA Train the Trainer accredited.

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-Practical Lambing

Trainees will learn about the importance of preparation for lambing time, including discussion of pros and cons of housing for lambing, nutrition, body condition scoring and what equipment is necessary.

-Sheep Parasite Control

Trainees will learn the common external parasites of sheep, their life-cycles, clinical signs, methods of identification, treatment and prevention. The workshop also looks at the epidemiology of the common internal parasitic diseases of sheep their treatment and control methods for each and the importance of avoiding the spread of anthelmintic resistance.

-Lameness in Sheep

The workshop covers the most common causes of lameness in sheep, their identification, treatment and prevention.

-Mastering Medicines

The workshop aims to increase trainees’ knowledge of safety and good practice as well as outlining the legislative requirements for on farm medicines use. The course also aims to increase trainees’ understanding about the different types of medicines used and how these relate to the common diseases relevant to their farms.

-Smallholder Sheep Skills

This course is designed as an introduction to caring for sheep. The course provides the background knowledge of the skills required and leads into the other FarmSkills courses such as sheep lameness, lambing, sheep nutrition and parasite control.