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Objective, Repeatable and Reliable

What is SemenRate?

SemenRate is an independent semen analysis service for bovine, porcine and equine semen. It offers a novel combination of Computer Assisted Semen Analysis (CASA) and Flow Cytometry (FC) giving an objective, repeatable and reliable semen evaluation.

We work with your vet to ensure that the analysis informs your on farm decisions.

Why Use SemenRate?

Previously, tests have relied solely on microscopy and the human eye to assess whether bull semen is good enough to use. SemenRate can add objective assessment of motility, concentration and parts of the spermatozoa that cannot be assessed with standard microscopy.

The combination of CASA and FC gives invaluable information regarding the quality of semen and its potential to perform in the field. All the parameters measured can have an influence on semen performance.

When to use SemenRate?
  • Screening high value semen prior to use in Embryo Collection (ET) or Ovum Pick Up/In Vitro Fertilisation (OPU/IVF) programmes where semen quality is essential for success.
  • Testing of fresh semen as part of a bull breeding soundness examination from bulls that are: pre-breeding; pre-sale or with suspected infertility.
  • Screening the quality of batches of frozen AI semen that may have been in multiple semen storage tanks prior to your tank or have been in your storage tank for a long period of time prior to use. Semen quality may deteriorate the longer the ‘cold-chain’ is and the more times it has been handled. Ensuring it is still of good quality prior to use will give you peace of mind that the semen is capable of the performance you expect.
How it works ?

Analysis selection: The service is very flexible and you can select the level of testing that you require from our available packages.  We provide a report of your results to your vet with support of how to interpret and inform your decision making.

Booking: To book in your samples please contact us. The team will be able to go through the submission process with you, discuss the levels of testing available and which is best to suit you. All samples must be booked in with the operations team prior to arrival.

Need help with transportation?

Fresh: We can provide a transportation which is all set up for use and is ideal for taking to farm. Samples can then be sent to RAFT for analysis using Royal Mail’s silver service.

Frozen: We are able to offer a courier service including delivery of a fully prepared transport flask to an agreed location within our network route. Samples to be tested can be placed into the transport flask, sealed and collected to return it back to RAFT for analysis.

There is an additional charge for use of the transportation services. Please let the office know when booking samples in if you wish to use either of the above transport services.

Report turnaround times

The standard turnaround time from receipt of sample to issue of results is five working days. If your sample is urgent please discuss this with the office at the time of booking. We will endeavour to meet with your timescales for urgent samples where possible.

Please note that some extender types can cause the testing process to take longer. If this affects your samples we will let you know as soon as possible.

If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the office team on 01765 645893 or

Submission Forms

Please email all completed submission forms to prior to sending your samples. Please notify us before sending samples.

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