As part of an Innovate UK funded project, RAFT Solutions and XLVets have joined with Cranfield University and Farm Vet Systems to set up project DataVet to gather clinical veterinary data surveillance, including antimicrobial usage.

The DataVet project is building a data warehouse to capture all different elements of clinical findings and use of medicines recorded ‘in the field’ by both vets and farmers.

DataVet 2

The main outcomes of this project are to:

  • Track emerging disease and incidences of all livestock diseases on farm and track against animal and farm type and geography
  • Provide a manner to format and report clinical notes
  • Monitor medicine usage and its effect on farm performance, including to evaluate environmental impact
  • Provide benchmarking between veterinary practices
  • Deliver reports to customers with regard to medicine usage, clinical incidence and emerging trends.

For more information why not give the website a visit.