2 day Foundation Foot Trimming

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Trainees will be able to describe normal bovine locomotion, identify the important anatomical features of the bovine foot and their relation to basic physiological function. Using this knowledge they will be able to describe the 5 stage dutch foot trimming method and relate each step to key physiological principles.

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe normal bovine locomotion and relate this to Dairy Co mobility score.
  • Recognise lameness and grade severity
  • List the key features of bovine foot anatomy Relate these anatomical features to key aspects of physiology - blood supply, normal claw horn growth & overgrowth
  • Understand the theory of the "Dutch method"
  • Safely restrain a cow and pick up feet using a foot crush
  • Apply the theoretical knowledge of preventative trimming practically
  • Practically re-enforce the key anatomical & physiological principles learned in [1] and relate this back to the practical application of the "Dutch method"
  • Recognise the causes of foot lameness in cattle (sole ulcer, white line separation & abscess, Digital dermatitis, Inter-digital necro-bacillosis, Heel erosion, Inter-digital hyperplasia)
  • Describe the basic aetiology of sole ulcer & white line disease and relate this to anatomy & physiology learned in and the specific risk factors for claw horn disease
  • Describe Dutch curative foot trimming theory and relate this to lameness aetiology and the anatomy and physiology learned
  • Know when and how to apply blocks
  • Know when and how to apply medical treatments or seek specialist / veterinary attention

Additional Info

Cost (inc. VAT): £336.00
Trainer: Phil Alcock BVetMed CertCHP DipRN MRCVS
Date: 25 Oct 2018
Start Time: TBA
Duration: TBA
Address: Bishopton Vets, Mill Farm, Ripon, N. Yorkshire, HG4 2QR

Please note: that for cancellations of up to 28 days before the event, the delegate will receive 100% reimbursed. If cancelling up to 14 days before delegates will receive 60% reimbursed and less that 14 days before the event, no reimbursement will be possible.