RAFT Solutions are proud to be founder members of the Centre of Innovation Excellence in Livestock (CIEL) which was announced in March 2016. Based in York from the Sand Hutton Innovation Centre, CIEL brings together twelve of the UK’s leading academic institution and research institutes with industry members from ForFarmers to Tesco, Cranswick Country Foods to Germinal Seeds and AHDB to Dunbia

RAFT have been part of the project development team for CIEL since July 2014; it’s fantastic to now see the Centre up and running, ready to bring exciting innovation and developments to the UK livestock sector.

RAFT’s network of phenotypic farms will provide a great opportunity to add value to research at university level, delivering commercial field trials at high quality for a highly competitive price. RAFT’s training network, complemented by XLVet Training Services Ltd will form a key part of knowledge exchange, taking results and new findings to vets, farmers and the wider industry through practical workshops and training materials.

RAFT’s Chief Executive, Jonathan Statham said:

“CIEL is hugely important because the so-called valley of death between the UK’s world leading blue sky research institutions and their effective translation and application into industry and UK benefit has existed for too long. CIEL offers a transformational opportunity to coordinate the world leading science just at a time when the industry is under great pressure and offers optimism and positive opportunity to make UK Agri-tech a world leader once again.”

RAFT’s MD, Sophie Throup, is one of the Interim Board Members for CIEL.

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