Male Fertility

Bull fertility testing and on farm semen collection

  • Check out the fertility of your bulls prior to the service period or prior to sale
    Our team of vets can test the soundness of your bull with full physical examinations and on-farm semen collection and evaluation and work with you to plan the breeding strategies for your bulls to maintain a tight calving pattern
  • Semen collections also enable you to:
    – Collect from your bull without sending him to stud
    – Maintain semen stocks from good bulls coming to the end of their working life
    – All semen can be stored in our fully licensed storage facilities until you need them
  • Test the quality of semen – from fresh or frozen batches – with our innovative SemenRate service

Click On Farm Semen Collection for a fact sheet. We also have a checklist for the process of applying for an On Farm Semen Collection licence.

For the checklist for nominated vets, click here.
For the checklist for farmers, click here.

Click Bull Breeding Soundness Examinations for a fact sheet